According to the research conducted by Bibby MSP Index, one third of the small and medium-sized enterprises work in export. Entrepreneurs believe that export is a possibility to become more independent from the local markets and to increase their profit margin. Low exchange rate of Polish zloty is an important factor that influences the attractiveness of export. Nevertheless, in 60% of the companies the export income is not higher than one third of the total sales. The programme Passport to Export is dedicated for such companies. It is an important instrument that can support medium and small-seized companies in entering the foreign markets. The criterion to take part in the contest is the level of current export that does not exceed 30% of total sales. This year there are going to be 3 contests. Lately, the number of polish entrepreneurs who set up their companies or divisions abroad (for example in Eastern Germany) has grown. It is said that the procedures are easier and that the results are much better. Sounds complicated but we like challanges. Taking into consideration that the economy is not bad (industrial production in April increased by 2,9% and construction even by 8,1%^) it is a good opportunity to conquer foreign markets.