According to a report on the activities of SEZ in 2011 the number of permits issued that year was 188 and the number of jobs reached nearly 16.000. The Ministry of Economy has decided that SEZ will operate until 2026 and not until 2020 as it was first established. Moreover, the Ministry is working on an act that would abolish the time-limit of SEZ existence. Therefore, there is no risk that investors would stop their decisions about setting up their companies in SEZ. Those regulations may enter into force in a few weeks. This information is quite important as exemptions received in SEZ are one of the last possible forms of help and support that investors can get. Budgets of EU programs come to an end and new contests will start no sooner than in 2014-2015 and the grants will be much lower than nowadays. The situation with governmental grants does not seem better – they have a minor character as the amount of money is rather low and the means for this year and for 2013 are exhausted. Therefore, the importance of SEZ is constantly growing. They do not only are a place for new investments but they also facilitate creating modern industrial parks and clusters.