The forecasts for polish export are quite impressive – according to the „Global Connections" survey elaborated by HSBC bank and an analytical company Delta Economics in 15 years trade will grow 119% comparing with 88% growth in the world.  The annual growth rate is about to reach 5,6%. We can already see results of the faith in business possibilities in developing markets in China, Turkey, Brazil, India or Indonesia. This data is confirmed in a report elaborated by KUKE (Export Credit Insurance Corporation Joint Stock Company) – Poland’s accession to the EU has considerably facilitated polish companies trade with many countries, not only from the EU. Many of the polish exporters have successfully entered foreign markets or have significantly increased their turnover. Our main trade partners are Germany, Great Britain, Czech Republic and taking into consideration the current situation Russia most probably will appear on the 4th place. The authors of the „Global Connections" survey indicate our central location, access to the sea, good products for reasonable price and progress in infrastructure development as a huge commerce potential. All those features combined with proper economy should give great results. Rewording Clinton’s “it’s the economy, stupid!” we believe in “it’s the export, stupid!”