A businessman tied up in day-to-day running of the company, keeping the market position and red tape simply does not have the time to keep up with what’s new in business. And the business environment is changing rapidly, as new programmes and new tax breaks offering a number of benefits are being introduced on a regular basis.

It is our mission to provide this knowledge and competences to Polish business people.

That is why for businesses and business-related institutions we organize:

  • conferences,
  • training,
  • presentations.

We share knowledge and experience gathered through numerous business projects. We will tell you how to use instruments that will boost the effectiveness of your operations.

We provide information on benefits of doing investment projects under the Polish Investment Zone Programme. We share our experience in effective and efficient management of investment projects. We encourage businesses to use R&D breaks, which let you use your research and development expenditure to significantly lower income tax and promote the development of innovative ideas and we know that Polish businesses have plenty of them.

We guarantee that:

  • you will get well-structured information presented in a simple, clear and friendly way,
  • the approach to the topics will be practical and based on our experience gained in projects we have completed,
  • the approach to the information provided will be pragmatic and placed in your business context,
  • the content, duration and form of training will be tailored to the needs of your group.

We also use our website, www.finansefirm.pl, blog, Linkedin profile and mailing to share information with our clients.