The Polish Investment Zone Programme, better known from the slogan “The whole Poland is a special economic zone”, is an innovative version of previous special economic zones. Investing under the Polish Investment Zone Programme offers tremendous opportunities, mainly for Polish small and medium enterprises.

The benefits of investing in the Special Economic Zone include among others:

  • tax exemptions (PIT or CIT) on 25% to 75% of investment outlays,
  • the exemption can be applied over 10, 12 or 15 years,
  • the project can be carried out in any location (the Special Economic Zone may be set up in your current place of business),
  • procedures are simple and predictable.

Our services for businesses planning to invest in the Special Economic Zone include:

  • development and analysis of the concept of the business model of the project,
  • preparation of documents and an application for a decision on granting support submitted to the board of the Special Economic Zone,
  • legal and tax consultations,
  • project financing, monitoring of the investment process.

At Finance for Firms in the years 2003-2020 we have accomplished over 60 projects in special economic zones with expenditure of over 2.7 billion PLN.

We are amongst the most experienced consulting companies in the country specialised in obtaining public aid by investors in the SEZ.