The service of Managing an Investment Project (ZPI) involves providing investors with support in investment planning and completion. Such a comprehensive approach to a project is a new quality in the market of advisory services. Finanse dla Firm acts as a project managera.

Investment Project Management may involve:

  • choosing the location, researching the job market,
  • specifying the project’s details and financing,
  • using state aid instruments (grants, tax breaks) in the business model,
  • obtaining financing for the investment (bank loans, leasing, funds),
  • legal and tax consulting, including setting up or restructuring special purpose vehicles,
  • collecting documents for a construction project,
  • selecting suppliers of building services and equipment,
  • drafting and analysing contracts,
  • monitoring the completion of the investment project until construction acceptance, etc.

Letting us manage your investment project is a smart solution. Thanks to our engagement the investor can focus on running the business while we ensure optimum solutions, oversee the investment project and make sure that the process is effective. Currently we are working on the fifth project in this formula.